Environmental problems require solutions that are non-toxic, safe and efficient. The methods used to face many of these problems however, has not improved over time. The technology to contain and clean oil spills, for example, has not seen much in the way of innovation in over 30 years— particularly boom technology.

Natural Science, LLC is a team of scientists and engineers that wants to reverse this trend by applying science and innovation to an industry that sorely needs it. Our mission is to solve environmental problems with solutions that are environmentally safe, that outstrip current solutions in terms of efficiency, that leverage aspects of the problem itself, and that use natural, environmentally safe materials. We believe that this approach will engender technologies and techniques that will quickly contribute to solving some of our most critical environmental problems.

We provide consulting services and license proprietary technologies. Please Contact Us to inquire more.

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Vice Media reports on Electromagnetic Oil Spill Cleanup technology - The Electromagnetic Boom.

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"A Physicist's new process uses magnetism instead of toxic chemicals to mop up oil spills"