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Video: MagnetAsorb Production


Natural Science’s Magnetizable Absorbent Technology provides a magnetizable, hydrophobic fibrous organic product that can be manipulated magnetically to trap and remove environmental spills, including oils, fuels, chemicals and PCBs. Effective on land, water and other surfaces, this technology efficiently addresses environmental accidents, water treatment, and filtering needs across many industries.

In many cases toxic spills occur in areas and regions that do not lend themselves to easy access or to standard methods of remediation. In some locations like the Niger Delta, where one of the most devastating spills on the planet is located, access to clean water and the mangroves on which the entire ecology depends were horrifically impacted. New techniques are needed to remediate these damaging spills without further harm to the limited fresh water supply and to remove and lock away the chemicals while leaving water behind. Simple methods to retrieve and dispense of the material used in the clean-up process are also necessary. 

Magnetizable, hydrophobic, organic and non-leaching absorbents were not available on the world market until now. The magnetizability of these absorbents is a significant and novel approach. It enhances the clean-up technology and improves the manipulation and handling of absorbents in toxic environments.

Video: MAT - Surface lift demo

Applications of MAT

MAT can be used on large- and small-scale spills on land or water. It has industrial applications at chemical plants, petroleum plants, water treatment facilities, and engineering/scientific facilities where many types of spills can occur. In addition, it has applications at harbors, businesses, and municipalities that must deal with occasional spills, some of which can be toxic. A growing need for MAT is within industries that produce water that contains oil and other contaminants. This water is not potable and does not meet standards for normal disposal without treatment. 

MAT Advantages

Environmentally benign 

Absorbs harmful chemicals and prevents them from leaching back into the environment 

Limits the handling of toxic spills by human hands because of its magnetic properties 

Provides faster cleanup and magnetic containment of spills

Improves usefulness of sorbents in confined spaces or difficult retrieval locations

Efficiently bonds the oxide particle with hydrocarbons to enhance efficiency

Improves removal and handling efficiency of spent absorbent due to its magnetizability 

Works with Electromagnetic Remediation Technology Systems such as electromagnetic ramps to retrieve spent sorbents from water 

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